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We are an independent non-denominational Christian ministry located in the mid-eastern United States with an emphasis on teaching men and women to fish for Truth so they can feed themselves, their family, and their community with all of GOD’s Word.


We are not here to promote ourselves. It is GOD and His Will, Way, and Word which are of prime importance - not us. We judge not ourselves, nor any other entity. If we did or will do anything of value upon the earth, GOD will inform us in the Kingdom to come. It is not our right to judge, esteem, or report ourselves or anyone else to be "some thing". Quite simply, that is GOD’s business and not our own.



Incidentally, there is an acronym associated with the word



Bible Truth Lion


and that being


Like It  Or  Not


We all must leave off from our own ways and understanding to rely on GOD's Spirit to teach us the lessons of His Words. Only through Christ Jesus Almighty is that possible. If we forsake man's words in general and hold tightly to every Word that proceeded from The Oracles of GOD, then we are in a tightly formed and minority family of mankind. That doesn't make us any better than other people, only peculiar and different to the world, but in a way pleasing  to GOD. This causes His Joy to fill our hearts. Even though the world and their ways are formed against us at every step and turn, we win always. This is the characteristic of the Christ follower's path. GOD tells us of this just as He foretells us all things within The Bible.


There will be much more to share with our fellow man, whatever your nationality, race or gender; that is of no consequence to us and certainly not to GOD.


We feel strongly that this site and the tools available here are able to give any serious Bible student insight into Scriptures, which has many times been clouded over by the small understanding of mankind and denominations in general. This will require effort by you to stick to the studies presented here and to follow along in your Bible of course, but also allow yourself  time to run any references which GOD may lay on your heart, because Bible Study is not a race, but rather a journey to be savored.


This site could be updated practically weekly with new content, but that is usually reserved for significant changes, especially since updates are a very time consuming endeavor which any webmaster can tell you - could lead to a total site overhaul; weeks of labor to say the least. There are many more things in the works for the future here at Bible Truth Lion and we are very excited about that. We have many general and special interests and feel that anything which can be used for The Lord’s Glory or to reach and bless people is a worthwhile undertaking, so please be sure to check back occasionally.

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