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We as Christians are not of this world, for if we were it would love us. This world is confusion and all of the pillars of it’s entryway are placed over top of the posts of God’s door, whereas Christ was to be appointed as the doorway to God. To paraphrase, God says; “Woe to those who set darkness in the place of light and light in the place of darkness”. He also mentions the reversal of “bitter and sweet” and “good and evil. That is what the kingdoms of this world have always done, with the exception of Israel during their “obedient years. God teaches us to come out of Babylon lest we partake of her portion of the curse. Step one to come out of Babylon: Refuse Television, which I learned long ago to be a state of confusion to the utmost. But, only through The Bible did I see the Truth concerning that.


People in this time try to affix various nations as being Babylon, but from the Scriptures, even since Nebuchadnezzar’s time in the second and third chapters of Daniel, The Lord instructs us that the Babylon of the last days will cover the whole world. All nations are under the veil of that kingdom. satan is that veil. He is a liar and the father of lies. Everything which governs apart from Godly principals are illusions, with no basis in reality or Truth.


God is the revealer of secrets. On the other hand, satan is the covering cherub who covers reality with a veil in order to mask Truth. The devil has changed the recognition of times and laws instituted by God throughout the ages. Only can one see ultimate Truths when viewing the Holy Scriptures. Here is an interesting point. Solomon wrote in Proverbs that Truth based wisdom and understanding can only come from God. Scriptures state that in the last days wisdom will perish, but knowledge shall increase. This knowledge is the same version which satan taught to Adam and Eve in God’s garden. This type of knowledge (artificial wisdom) tinkers around with things designed to replace functions and institutions of God with godless versions promoting guiltlessness. This opens up the possibility of anything imaginable, or so it seems, but the biggest flaw in satan’s plan is, he can’t get rid of his Creator. This makes him a fool of fools. A blind leader of the blind. satan didn’t open Adam and Eve’s eyes to Truth. Instead, he positioned them to close their eyes to imagine that his lies were truth. Their eyes were opened to a mixture of good and evil which in effect was a confusing mess sure to confound the mind of the innocent.


As for the end times, an overflowing flood is how it is described in Scriptures. Most everything entering into our eyes, ears, mouth, and nose is a flood of confusing contradictions. One day sugar is good, then before too long it’s reported to be bad. An unfathomable attack against God’s Truth has been in motion for hundreds of years. Those ignorant of God’s ways have had no hope of seeing the light of Truth when omitting the author of Truth. When those same ones are confronted with actual Truth, it seems so foreign to them, unless they dedicate themselves to understanding God.


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