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Charles Wanderi:


Kenya is about 76% Christian and I give all Glory to God; but are some parts of the country which has less Christians like where I've been working for some while. This place is dominated by majority Muslims; although I've already been transferred back to
the headquarters, I feel my being on this area was God appointed and I felt that I should invest in prayers in the heavenlies to break-up the fallow ground so that as Church we may have breakthrough
. This has not sailed easily but now we see the Glory of God appearing by His grace. As from next month I will not be in this area but I believe what I should have done by the grace of God, I have done and all Glory goes back to the Almighty God; what I didn't do, one is coming in the name of Jesus to Water and another is coming to harvest - Glory to God on the Highest. Ministering to Muslims is not easy; they require to see lifestyle that challenges theirs.


In Kenya, with our different dialects, the Bible translation Society of Kenya has been able to translate Bible in some of big tribes languages but are still a number of tribes which the Society is still working on. But while preaching, the Word is interpreted to the language many may understand. Mostly you will find that many Kenyans understand Kiswahili so mostly the Word while being preached is translated into Kiswahili.



Sceneries like Fort Jesus built by Portuguese in Mombasa coast is also nice place to see. It's good to explore our Fathers Land while we still preach the Word of God.



Kenya lies on the equator in East Central Africa. The eastern sea coast borders the Indian ocean. January is one of the hottest months.


Charles: In Kenya, there are various tourist attractions, ranging from Coastline, game parks and reserves, sceneries like Rift-Valley to mountainous areas like snow capped mount Kenya. It's true Kenya has allot of diversity, yes, it's amazing that Mount Kenya is snow capped yet on equator (God's wonders); sceneries like Mount Longonot on great Rift Valley which has a great depression on it's top center is a wonderful scene to behold; lots of wild animals.


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