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I'm not sure if many people are aware of this, but by statistics representing the religious beliefs of the African country of Kenya, it is overwhelmingly Christian, and an overall beacon of stability in Africa despite political wrangling of past months. The plight and hardships of the average Kenyan worker is well known, but there are slow and painstaking advancements being made in that regard, so we will not generally focus in that direction, although much needs to be said about it. Instead we will aim to give a better view into this wonderful and beautiful nation which GOD has set aside as an African stronghold in this generation. As we go on, we shall view some majestic awe inspiring pictures and also see lifestyles which may be vastly diverse from many of us, as others may view how our own lifestyles are curiously complex and peculiar to themselves. After all, GOD calls His people a peculiar people, so all of us are basically peculiar to the world. That should be something joyful to us.


Much thanks to Charles and his Family, who are like family to me and my family. I thank GOD for our bond of love which comes through Christ our Savior. Anyway, this section of Bible Truth Lion is an inspiration from my dear Brother Charles Wanderi and the information is direct from across the sea. Now, we shall begin our journey with Charles in Nairobi, Kenya.

Charles Wanderi:


About the communities in this country. First I would like to inform you that we are slightly above 43 tribes having different languages. What happens in Kenya is, that people learn in school in upper primary in Kiswahili and English; majority of working class can be able to read and write in Kiswahili and English cuz these are official languages; this therefore translates to about 60% of these can be able to use both or either of the two languages. Majority of these people are in urban areas while the rest in rural areas. The remaining 40% can either slightly understand, but can not read or write, and are those who can neither write nor understand the two lang-uages.

Charles is from the largest Kenyan tribe; the Kikuyu. Their original language is Kiswahili; of the Bantu family of languages from Central and South Africa.



Mostly when we preach we use English and translated in Kiswahili but on the interior we may use English or Kiswahili and then translated by interpreter into other local languages depending on which community you preach to.



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