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Hello, and thank you for taking an interest in this important project. If you've ever considered what work you could do in Christ Jesus' Name to make a difference in the world, this endeavor would certainly be a high impact choice. When a man asked Jesus what work he could do, Jesus answered; "... believe in Me". Believing in Jesus is the first and most important initial work any of us can do, and that includes Bible Study. Helping others believe in The Lord by providing them with GOD's Word for guidance would be the next powerful life changing work to be done. This can't effectively be done on a large scale without Christ's Church taking an interest. Your help is definitely needed and you are invited to take part to make this your ministry. We shall jointly lay up treasures for ourselves in Heaven by this "called and chosen" work.


I have previously considered collecting used Bible to be redistributed in various projects, but soon realized what little concern that showed to the recipient and what a low quality representation of The Church it would demonstrate. There's not much for a new Christian to get excited about by receiving a worn out Bible. These Bibles we are wanting to distribute are smaller, yet feature packed Reference Bibles, with a cover which snaps closed for protection. This Bible contains information found in many larger Bibles, but takes up little space when packing for travel.


Please use the following address to send your monetary donations so we can purchase and ship these Bibles as quickly as possible to brother Charles Wanderi for distribution via his Ministry and the Ministries of others.


In typical Bible Truth Lion fashion, your information will never be shared and you will not receive mail or solicitation from us. Please state that the funds you send are set aside specifically for the Kenya Bible Project. With the name and address provided, we will send you a receipt for this non-profit cause. Also, in the future we will have a Memorial Page section set aside where all contributor's names and countries will be listed in alphabetical order. You may give a memorial contribution in the name of a friend or family member to be listed too. If you write a note stating you do not want your name used, your country with a tally of "Anonymous" contributors will be used instead.


You may visit the Contact Page or simply send your contributions to:


Bible Truth

Kenya Bible Project

P.O. Box 666

Scott Depot, WV 25560



Thank You and GOD Bless in Christ Jesus,



This KJV Bible's Features are:

Bonded Leather Cover

Snap Flap Closure

Gilded-Gold Page Edges

Lifetime Defect Warranty

Center-Column References

Words of Christ in Red


Full-Color Maps


Authorized KJV Bible

Now On-line

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