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Timothy Stouffer

Welcome to the Kenya Bible Project section of Bible Truth Lion. Here, we have a project in cooperation with our dear Brother Charles Wanderi from Nairobi, Kenya, to send personal - compact Reference Study Bibles to our brothers and sisters in Kenya. Charles and I recently discussed this project after I became aware that these relatively inexpensive smaller size Bibles were desirable enough to be stolen if left lying even in a Church or at a Christian gathering. Since this is the case, surely the body of Christ Jesus can rally to meet this demand for Bibles. The reasoning is, if more people have their own Bible, then it should be possible to reduce their "overzealous" desirability by supplying them to who ever wanted one, free of charge; so, this is a project of necessity. I have a couple of these neat little Bibles myself and would not part with them. In fact, even though they are very durable, through years of daily use I found it necessary to replace one with the same kind because of its compactness for ministry. Well, I bought another one, but the old one is still quite usable and especially valuable to me because of the notes I scribbled in it over the years. I'm really impressed with it's overall durability of both binding and bonded leather cover. That's one of the reasons I bought an identical one.


Charles Wanderi is in charge of the Kenya operation and is eager, as I am, to maintain the Bible distribution process, but we need your help because of the size and scope of this project. These Bibles will find their way not only throughout Kenya, but also around the African continent. We already see The Lord's Hand mightily moving in this and now it is up to the Church to rise and meet the challenge. As Charles pointed out, we have been called for such an hour as this. Let us join together in obedience to The Lord and show Him of our desire to contribute to His cause. We will all share equally in blessings of heart and life through this action of love, whether we donate money or distribute Bibles; all shall share alike. This project certainly belongs to all of us, whether individuals, organizations, or congregations. We are the body of Christ.


Every single penny earmarked for the Kenya Bible Project shall be used only in the purchase and shipment of these value packed Bibles. Please unite with us for this worthwhile cause. You may click HERE to learn how you can help and also to read more of the beautiful country and people of Kenya. I hope you enjoy this inspiring insight, presented from the Christian perspective of my dear Friend and Brother, Charles Wanderi.

 Thank You

In Christ Jesus



Charles Wanderi

KBP Director


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