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MAY 17, 2012 - Recently, we have partnered with “Gospeltime Church & Orphanage” located in Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Cyrus Marube and associate Pastor Thomas, along with the whole congregation, are active in their community demonstrating the love and concern of Christ’s Spirit. Nairobi is a better place through their efforts of caring for Orphans and reaching the lost in addition to welcoming those into the flock who have no home church. Through our united efforts, Gospeltime Church & Orphanage (GTC&O) has been able to provide food to the Orphans and Bibles to those hungry for God’s Word in both the English, Ekegusii, and Kiswahili languages. Pastor Cyrus informs me that some people who have never touched a Bible in their life have a Bible to call their own now, but some are still without a Bible as the congregation grows in number. We need your help so much now. Won’t you please consider partnering with us in this important Ministry. Alternately, if you prefer to contact Pastor Cyrus directly on how you might help the Orphans and the Church there, please send me an Email from the “Contact” page and I will gladly put you in touch with him.


Now we can visit Gospeltime Church & Orphanage, thanks to Pastor Cyrus for the pictures he has so kindly sent, but first a few words from Pastor Cyrus and the vision God has given him.


Pastor Cyrus:

Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have a church of 76 members and do fellowship under trees made of leaves and timbers every Sundays for the Gospel and sermons.The Orphans we do take care of! it is truly difficult but we trust upon the LORD! In addition to caring for the Orphans, we also take care of the Widows. If my good God was able to minister unto Elijah the Prophet and the widow of Zarephath in (1 Kings 17: 10-17) also shall He be able to minister unto our needs as per His riches in glory. Until He comes back, we continue to occupy. And occupy we must, because I believe He's coming back soon. We want to hear Him say, "Well Done!"


We recently arranged for the Church to have a special meeting of door to door Evangelism which lasted 5 days. Our aim of the meeting was to reach the  un-reached by the Word of God. During our door to door Evangelism, we gave one Bible to each of 5 families. Those 5 families received Holy Bibles with great joy and happiness. We were able to reach 100 families and many agreed to come to our Church. We have now received 20 new people to the church as a result of our door to door Evangelism.


We are also actively holding youth seminars and leadership conferences.  In April we had a wonderful Gospel meeting in our Church whereby we received 7 new members.


Our Brother in Christ Pastor Thomas has a big burden to carry thousands of  children in the Orphanage home. There  are so many, it needs the hand of God to intervene. We shall stand faithful to the faith once delivered unto the saints.


Now, Kenya is planing a post election  December or early next year. Up to now economy is very bad, 1 sack of maize is going up to $50 per sack and $60 for beans per sack. It is very costly but nothing we can do except to  praise GOD. Therefore, let us work for The Lord with boldness knowing that our work in Christ is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15: 58).



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