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Love and Peace to you in The Lord,

T. Stouffer


Invitation To Salvation

Come To Know The Lord






If you have tired of the world’s spiritually inefficient ways and of your own inadequacies, the next most logical step in life is to accept The Lord Jesus Christ. Therein lies victory, power, and true happiness. Jesus, Yahshua, or any other name you choose to call God’s only begotten Son - is the Way, Truth, and Life in this present world and the world to come. If you have realized that and are ready to really commit to this fact, the plan is so simply laid out that a child can understand. You will never regret it and will always wish that you would have humbled yourself to God much sooner. The only plan given by God is:






Truthfully confess your sins to God and admit your inability to save yourself or correct your own shortcomings by yourself.


Repent and turn from your own self-made ways and vow to never return that way again.


Acknowledge to God that you confess Jesus as Lord and King and that you need Christ’s Atoning Blood to wash your sins away. You recognize that the perfect Son of God died on a cross for the imperfect you and billions more of us who are like you; impure and prone to sin (sin is defined as falling short of perfection). God said that there is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood, but it would take a perfect sacrifice to accomplish that task. All of the blood of all of the sinners in the world would not justify the wrong, so God’s perfect son fulfilled that part for all of us. Christ defeated death for all who would accept Him and He bodily rose from the grave on the third day to live forevermore, likewise, all who accept and believe shall dwell eternally in God’s Glorious Light. (Jesus is the only path to Father God and forgiveness with peace. Admit this to Him and know that Christ Jesus is currently seated at God’s right hand to make intercession and mediate on our behalf).


Be Baptized as a sign of obedience and effectively live The Christian Faith.


After performing the above steps you will immediately become a part of the one and only Christian Church, but if you can find a local congregation to worship and serve with, you should feel free to do so. Christ’s definition of an assembly or congregation in context is two or three gathered in His Name (Matthew 18: 20). This breaks the bounds of traditional thought concerning the definition of a church or congregation by man’s reasoning. Two or three can gather in Christ’s name: in the park, on the telephone, by Email, or in a web site forum plus a host of other venues which I wouldn’t want to reject as a valid means of Christian congregating. Even though men have defined a congregation as a church, there is only one church, but there are many congregations. Please don’t be confused by this. If the congregation you have chosen does not teach the whole Bible, and you can not change that, it may very well be the wrong congregation for you or anyone for that matter. Nevertheless, by God’s directive, we are to fellowship with other believers (Matthew 18: 20).


Confess The Lord Jesus as your Savior whenever the opportunity presents itself.






The 6 Steps above are the start. Yet, Jesus said in Matthew 24: 13 –

"But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved."








That means not falling away from Christ all the remaining days of your life, but if you make a mistake, promptly repent and allow yourself to mature spiritually to where you will not make the same mistake twice. The Lord has a rod which he corrects His children with. If you have felt the rod, rejoice. You have been accepted and corrected!


Do not lean on your own understanding or interpretations of Scriptures, and certainly do not rely on others’ interpretations. Let God be True and accept what is written in The Bible. He has a way of revealing what He wants you to know through His Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1: 17). He wants you to know everything that is written. This is where it pays to believe as a child believes and trusts in a parent’s words. Embrace the fact that only God is true and everyone else is much, much less.


Allow your mind to be continually regenerated and renewed towards the fashioning of yourself more and more to the image of Jesus and the examples He has given to us as proper behavior and character.


We must decrease and He must increase in our personal lives (John 3: 30).


God only speaks from His Word (The Bible) in this day and age ....... LISTEN (by reading)!


Do not pick and choose which Biblical principals you will accept. Take it all as written and do not alter it to form your own specialized religion (see step 2 above). Wait on The Holy Spirit to clarify something you may be confused about. He is very interactive with His children who ask for wisdom and understanding.


Do all that you do heartily unto the Name of The Lord Jesus. If you can't do it with a sound conscience in Christ's Name, don't do it. It won't work too well anyway.


DO and BE


Your own flesh mind and the world will fight to hinder your spiritual journey pretty much every step of the way, but your own flesh mind is your biggest enemy. There is a continual war going on inside you. If you feel that that war has ceased or non-existent, then your flesh is winning the battle to draw you away from a well structured path of decency to the wide open course of desires and self interest. STOP IT! ... and live.






With God’s help via The Holy Spirit which He places in you upon conversion to and through Christ, you shall succeed. Simplicity shall seem so spectacular and small things which you previously ignored shall become marvelous in a new light ..... Enjoy and Rejoice!




Mind you, the above is the outline of God’s Plan. There are so many lessons which must be learned in Scriptures and in the daily living of a Christian’s Life. You will know if you go onward to know. That involves a continual joyful journey into seeking and knocking at the door of Wisdom. Travel onward, forward and upward beloved.


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If you have Received Christ Jesus as your Savior and you so desire, you may

send us an Email to proclaim your victory. We shall surely rejoice with you as does all of the Kingdom of Heaven!

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