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Strong - Stouffer Greek In A Nutshell” is a Koine Greek language study tool for those interested in learning The New Testament Greek in order to become a better Bible student.Greek In A Nutshell” was originally written by Dr. James Strong in 1878. Timothy Stouffer edited and corrected some publishing errors introduced in the original, clarified the linguistic abbreviations, as well as adding the modern convenience of hyper-linking to all of the references, making this an invaluable tool for any student of that later ancient Greek language form.


There are other poorly reproduced versions of Strong’s original work available on-line should you so desire, but they will only introduce confusion in many instances, causing you to loose interest in your Greek studies altogether - thereby discouraging your search for deeper understanding of The Bible. These are not recommended as alternatives in any way.


Whichever version you choose here, they are both copyrighted works of Bible Truth Lion.org and Timothy Stouffer. By downloading, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions located HERE. These are not to be distributed in any way. You may however, link to this page so folks can download the official version located here.




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There are two versions of the “Strong - Stouffer Greek In A Nutshell:


The Free Version (.rtf format) is not hyper-linked and is quite difficult to navigate for study; appropriate only for occasional reference or to learn the Greek alphabet.


The $9.99 (USD) Version (.rtf format) is heavily hyper-linked and intrinsically removes the chore of scrolling an electronic version or page flipping a printed version - speeding your studies and keeping your interest at a peak. You can’t get lost in this edition, because wherever you click a link to navigate, there is a link to bring you precisely back to where you started from. This version is highly recommended and the very nominal cost will help us with ministry costs. We shall be teaming up to further the advancement of Bible Knowledge throughout the world. Thank You.


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