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From Our Studio to Yours




Introducing the Freeware version of Bible Truth’s resident Synth.

There’s no fat on this baby. It’s built to perform and is available as a VST Instrument

or Stand Alone version. This is a handy tool for sound design or instrument mimicry.




Truth Synth’s Features are:


2 Oscillators capable of Detuning

Each with Volume Control and:

Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, and Noise Waveforms


1 highly adjustable Filter section for dialing in that perfect Timbre with

Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject, and Peak Filtering


1 ADSR Envelope with special “Tweak” function


1 Ping-Pong Delay unit


Pitch Bend




Voice Management


Selectable MIDI In / Out (Standalone Version)


Low CPU usage


ASIO Compatible


1 Convenient Purplish Patch Selector with 150 slots and 124 Multi-Colored Presets provided.


Factory Bank to Restore Original Presets Included



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Please Note: Malwarebytes reports that the .exe (Standalone) version of

Truth Synth is a Trojan or PUP. This is not true. Apparently their definitions

includes the Open Source UPX Packer. This is what is used to pack the

Standalone version. The VSTi is not affected by this false alarm.

Truth Synth is Malware Free! Use with Confidence!




Note: These are not time limited demos, but rather released as freeware.


Truth Synth v1.50 VSTi (Windows) - Small & Standard Sizes












VSTi Installation: Extract and copy the .dll and .txt files to the plug-in directory of your Host Application.

Herman Seib has an excellent free standalone VSTi Host App., “Savi Host”, which allows you

to play or adjust via Your Computer Keyboard. How fun is that? ... Heaps of Fun!




Truth Synth v1.50 .EXE (Standalone - Windows)











.EXE (Standalone) Installation: Extract the files to a disk folder of your choice.

Ready to go after connecting your Midi Keyboard or Controller.


If you encounter any problems, please drop a note to:

support [at] bibletruthlion [dot] org  [Subject: Truth Synth]

Also, if anyone would like a Manual, please send an Email to the above address.

There is currently No Manual, but if at least one person wants one, I’ll gladly prepare one.


In the meantime, a couple of tips:

1. To initialize a knob to it's default setting, press Ctrl + Mouse Click the knob

2. To fine tune a knob, press Shift + Drag the knob




Thank You for Downloading!







Extra Downloads:


Truth Synth v1.50 Factory Preset Bank


Truth Synth v1.03 VSTi - Standard

Truth Synth v1.03 VSTi - Small

Truth Synth v1.03 Standalone

Truth Synth v1.03 Factory Preset Bank


Truth Synth v1.01 VSTi

Truth Synth v1.01 Standalone

Truth Synth v1.01 Factory Preset Bank



The Free 7zip file utility was used to compress the “.zip” files:


If you would like Truth Synth localized into your language,

please contact me. I would be happy to see that happen.

Please insert “Truth Synth” in the subject line.


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VST (Virtual Studio Technology) & ASIO are trademarks of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

History Details
Truth Synth v1.5
Updated the GUI.
Added Pitch Bend Functionality.
Added Portamento.
Added Selectable Voice Management.
Re-Ordered the Presets. (A few of the Presets may be a little
different compared to previous versions. If your projects depend
on certain presets, you may want to keep using older versions of Truth Synth in addition to version 1.5 - That’s what I do.)
Now compatible with the latest Cubase Software.
Truth Synth v1.03
This is an update to Truth Synth v1.02, which:
Fixed a problem in Midi routing which caused an error pop-up box claiming that the Midi device was already in use - on every preset change. Please report any further errors that you notice, whereas the pop-up box was not intentional. I found out about it when I used the Synth myself at a much later date. Sorry, I didn’t do much testing before releasing v1.02.
Updated some graphics.
General internal refinement and optimization.
Tweaked the presets and added twenty additional factory presets.
120 Factory Presets + 8 User Presets = 128 Total Presets
Truth Synth v1.02
Not Available - Broken
This is an update to Truth Synth v1.01, which:
Updated some graphics - (buttons, knobs, and text).
Removed the duplicated MIDI In and Out selectors from the VSTi version (.dll).
Fixed the bug which required you to put the ".txt" extension after the preset name when saving presets. It is automatically included in the string now.
Also tweaked the previous Program Bank again. Still, as before,
please be careful of a stray note being louder than the others,
especially on the "WhaleOfAnOrgan" preset with the C4 note; it can really sneak up on you. Please be warned. Protect your ears at all costs! Be overly cautious when wearing headphones until you are sure what a preset will do.
Refined the code for smoother polyphony at all sample rates.
Removed the poor Envelope Follower and replaced it with a special “Tweak” function which is always right on the mark.
The Standalone VST (.exe) actually works under version 1.02, but there is still a bug with the MIDI IN and OUT selectors. In fact, don't even use them. No sound results when selecting a MIDI IN or OUT Device in the Plug-in. Instead, set your Default MIDI Playback Device in the Windows Control Panel.
Truth Synth v1.01
This is an update to Truth Synth v1.0, which:
Corrected some graphics problems.
Added 27 additional slots for user defined presets.
(100 original presets + 27 additional user presets = 127 total presets)
Tweaked the previous Program Bank.
Made it possible to actually load the Factory Preset Bank this time, with saving and loading user presets.
Truth Synth v1.0
Not Available - Broken
Initial release.

Adjustable Size:

Small up to Full Screen

Truth Synth v1.50

Copyright © 2007 -  2016 Bible Truth - All Rights Reserved


© Copyright 2007 - 2016  Bible Truth - All Rights Reserved



Splendid sound examples of

Truth Synth v1.03 in action

are located at the web-

site, presented on You-Tube

by VST and again

on You-Tube by

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